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Character Standards

QDS considers a person’s character to be an integral part of who they are. In every aspect of life at QDS, we endeavor to promote and nurture the development of sound character. The values that QDS has identified as central to a person’s life and to our life as a community are as follows:


Integrity means to be whole. We work toward self-awareness; sincerity that springs from our values and beliefs should be reflected in our behavior. Integrity requires honesty both in our academic work and personal lives. We must nurture our individual relationships as well as a community of trust.


Academic honesty is the responsibility of all members of the school community. The following acts will be regarded as academic dishonest: plagiarism of any kind (including final exams), cheating during a quiz or exam, theft or aiding of the theft of school tests, and tampering with gradebooks or teaching material. We must strive to achieve academic success fairly and honestly.


Respect involves treating oneself and others with dignity. This includes acceptance of our differences. Respect also means we take responsibility for our commitments to ourselves and others and that we treat everyone fairly, without prejudice. We will treat each other the way we ourselves want to be treated. Respect will reach beyond the QDS community and help us build solid interactions with everyone around us.


Confident individuals embraces everything about themselves. We recognize ourselves as tomorrow’s leaders and strive to discover and improve the talents and skills we possess. Self-knowledge fosters discipline in making moral choices and with understanding and empathy. Developing an awareness of oneself forms the foundation for acts of generosity and support for those in need.